Laguna Niguel Military Support Foundation

The Military Support Foundation was established to sustain and enhance the adoptive relationship between the City of Laguna Niguel, the USS Stockdale, the First Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment and the 1st Assault Helicopter Battalion, 140th Army Aviation Regiment. The Laguna Niguel Military Support Foundation, consisting of 5 members, meets monthly as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. 

The main purpose of the Foundation and the actual catalyst for the creation of this organization, was the need to have a 501(c)(3) that would be able to accept funds as a non-profit entity. The byproduct of becoming of the establishment of this 501 (c)(3) is that the Foundation is thereby tasked with the overall direction of the committee/organization as well as the legal and fiduciary responsibility that comes along being a 501 (c)(3).

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